Upcoming Pineywoods Cattle Sale

12/9/2013 All cattle have been SOLD.  Thank you to all our buyers for the successful sale and for their interest in preserving the genetics of this rare and hardy American breed. 


                 Tiny   SOLD!

Tiny. Young 1/2 Holt line heifer. Born in 2012. Sire is Domino (Holt and Cracker), Dam is GCF Scarlet (Hickman, Holt). Not registered, but pure Pineywoods so just have to apply. Beautiful brindled markings, her coat is gorgeous when she's summer slick. *She slipped her horn earlier this summer, but it's healed well and the vet says it makes no difference once it's healed*


Coch with Cady at side   

HRLF Coch Reg. no. 1292, b. 2006 has been one of our best mothers over the years, but now we have too many momma cows. She is a reliable calver and a great mother. She produces a lot of milk and weans a heavy calf, and her body condition is great. In our experience, our Pineywoods dams keep having calves well into 15 years of age if you keep them on good pasture. We don't supplement and have two cows who are 13 years and still calve regularly.
She has been exposed to a guinea bull (HRLF Peter, registered at PCRBA) since June, so should be rebred. She will sell with daughter Cady (pictured above in August) at her side, a 4 month old heifer sired by GCF Mongo. Cady is a promising young calf and will make a beautiful heifer. She is 1/2 Holt 1/4 Hickman 1/4 Florida Cracker. 
$800 for pair

Bella and Breauxly  SOLD!

GCF Bella Reg. no. 2109, b. 2008 is a Hickman/Holt cross. She had a deep body, is a great reliable mother. She has already had four calves here at Grove Creek even though she's only five years old. 
She will sell with nursing Breauxly steer calf at side, pictured above. He would make a great slaughter steer in 2015. 
$800 for pair

Scarlet and Sugar  SOLD!

GCF Scarlet b. 2010 is 1/4 Holt and 1/2 Hickman. She is a sweetheart and a good mother. She is on the thin side because she gives everything to her calves. She's only 3 and has given us two beautiful calves already. The calf she will sell with is gorgeous, her daughter Sugar pictured above. Sugar's dad is 1/2 Holt and 1/2 Florida Cracker. She's a fat little calf and we have high hopes for her. 

Fanny and Joan   SOLD!

HRLF Fanny Reg. no. 1496 b. 2006 is a big, sturdy cow. 1/2 Holt, 1/2 Hickman. She's everything you want in a Pineywoods brood cow. Always has a big belly, easy keeper. Has given us 6 calves in the the past 6 years, like clockwork. She's in her prime of calving now and will go strong for at least another 6 years. 
She will sell with her daughter Joan pictured above at her side who is 3/4 Holt.
$800 for pair

Red Girl and Rand  SOLD!

GCF Red Girl Reg. no. 2110, b. 2008 has already had 4 calves in her 5 years of life! She is beautiful, always fat, especially in summer. But she also passes it on to her calves. We hate to have to sell her, so please give her a good home. She is a sweetheart and gentle. 
She will sell with her steer calf from this year Rand who would make a good grass fed beef slaughter animal for 2015. 
$800 for pair